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Why to choose a service apartment over a hotel?

Service Apartments in BangaloreWith the booming economy and constantly flourishing IT sector, a large number of professionals are packing their bags to start their business operations in the cosmopolitan cities of India like Bangalore. And this is the exact fraternity that is pushing the demand for service apartments in Bangalore.

Here are some reasons why serviced apartments are a great option for all kinds of travellers:

Spacious: Service apartments boast a generous living space having rooms to rest as well as recuperate. On average, they are 30% larger than the hotel rooms, so they make an ideal alternative for families.

Cost effective: There is no need to downgrade to 2 stars in order to stay in your budget. Service apartments not only give you a luxury accommodation without a hefty price tag but also ensure you a comfortable as well as stylish lodging at very affordable price. You can also save a good amount of money by cooking your meals in the kitchenette and storing the groceries in the apartment fridge. Cutting down on the meals that you might have eaten out during your stay will make a huge difference to your overall budget.

Home away from home’ feeling: Many people choose service apartments in Bangalore because they have that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Instead of cold, unfriendly hotel rooms you’ll have spacious accommodating rooms having comfortable furniture and a calm atmosphere. You’ll not get the feeling of being homesick during your stay in the hotel apartments in Bangalore.

Centrally located: Most of the service apartments are centrally located and are perfect for those who want to spend their days in shopping at the busy shopping centres as well as boutique stores. The city’s most breath-taking and iconic sights available at your doorstep will make your trip a breeze.

Customized services: You can have customised services which won’t be available in any standard hotel room. You may call ahead and ask for secured parking. Or perhaps you may get some of your favourite items stocked in the kitchen pantry before your arrival.

Whether you’re on a few weeks business trip or looking for some comfortable accommodation to stay with your entire family, you can’t really go past the convenience of hotel apartments in Bangalore.

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