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Why business travellers must choose serviced apartments

Service Apartments in BangaloreA service apartment is a home away from your home town where you get a fully furnished living space including all the hotel like amenities like Wi-Fi, Tv, washing machine, laundry and so on. Apart from this they provide kitchen where you can cook food according to your tastes.

As Bangalore owns plenty of multinational companies and other corporate firms, business people from different states comes here for attending meetings and for other business purposes. Most of such business travellers opt Service apartments in Bangalore rather than hotels and inns. Given below are some of the reasons behind it.

Benefits of staying in a service apartment

You can cook yourself

Even though you are travelling, your longing for having homely food will never die, right? If you get into one of the Service apartments in Bangalore, you can cook whatever you want to have. You will get all the facilities such as cooker, microwave, fridge, washing facilities and so on inside the kitchen.

Stay without suffocation

In service apartments, all the rooms are big and spacious so that you can store all your belongings. It will give you more ease and comfort than a standard hotel room. As the service apartments are smaller than hotels people living in the building also will be lesser, it will provide you with a peaceful atmosphere.

Long stay

If you choose one of the top Service apartments in Bangalore, there will not be any notice period. You can stay there until your business trip ends by extending the accommodation. If you are a group of people, you can book 2 or 3 bedrooms and make it a social living space by combining the privacy of your bedroom.

Save money

Cost of a service apartment is far cheaper than hotels and other rental stays. You don’t need to pay additional bills for food, drinks and other bills. The best thing about service apartment is you can allow your friends or anyone with you under the same roof. No extra payment will be there.

If you are planning to choose a service apartment for next business trip, you are welcome to Mels Hotel. We are one of the leading service apartments in Bangalore providing you all the modern amenities in a fewer rate.

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