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What are the benefits of serviced apartments?

service apartments in BangaloreFor many people who are in search of mid-range accommodations for their vacations, the main option that comes to the mind is a hotel. However, there is another option that not only works out cheaper but has better amenities. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family or friends, service apartments in Bangalore can offer you a lot of benefits.

More space: This is one of the biggest benefits particularly if you are staying in the same city for a longer period of time. Since service apartments have a separate living and dining area, you are not just confined to a small bedroom.

Flexibility: Service apartments give you the flexibility to live exactly the way you want to.

Quality: There is an array of service apartments in Bangalore, from budget to luxury with top quality furnishings and plush interiors. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens, high quality bed linen, towels and all required toiletries.

Privacy: Budget service apartments in Bangalore generally provide you a greater degree of privacy. These apartments allow you to bypass the formalities and in certain cases, you can simply let yourself in and make yourself comfortable just like your home.

Amenities: There are many amenities other than the kitchen facilities that these   serviced apartments offer and they help make your stay even more comfortable.

Housekeeping: A great part of service apartment stay is that you will experience the best of both worlds-hotel service and home-style living.

Affordable Cost: For hotel rooms, the cost of staying in the rooms is fixed for each night whereas the cost of the apartment is highly dependent on how long your stay is. The longer your stay, the lower the rate of staying in the serviced apartment.

Without any doubt, budget service apartments in Bangalore offer more space, choice as well as flexibility to the demanding business travellers of today and also boost your financial savings.

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  1. Mahesh

    Soo helpful, thank you! I’m about to relocate and this makes me feel a lot more confident about the whole situation.

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