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Tips to find a Comfortable stay in Domlur within Your Budget

Hotels in DomlurPlanning to travel to Bangalore and are worried about finding a comfortable stay that is within your budget. You can find plenty of comparison engines and websites online that advertise for hotels or guests houses in Bangalore. Don’t simply sign into some hotel that you find online. You need to do some basic research to find a place to say that is comfortable, within easy distance of your place of business and offers accommodation within your budget. Choosing the right hotel sets the tone for your whole trip and also makes your trip stress free and enjoyable. Here are some things to consider while selecting one of the best budget hotels in Domlur.


Always choose a hotel within a few kilometres from your place of business. Plus, it should also be close to the areas that you want to travel to when you are in the city. To reduce commute time, stay in a hotel that is close to the centre of the city.


Check the hotel facilities offered by the hotel before you check in or decide to stay. If the hotel you are planning to stay doesn’t have dining options, then you need to check if there are any restaurants nearby. If you are planning to work, you should also check if there is internet and phone connectivity in the hotel. If you are bringing your family for the trip, you should also check if the hotel is child friendly and has facilities to keep them occupied when you are working.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

One of the ways to identify the best guest houses in Domlur is by reviews and testimonials. Feedback and recommendations from people who have stayed in the hotel will give you a good idea of what to look for. You can also ask friends who have travelled to Bangalore about the best hotels to stay in. You can also check customer reviews on the internet.

Mel’s Hotel, one of the leading hotels in Domlur, offers comfortable accommodation within your budget. The rooms are aesthetically designed and fully furnished with all the modern amenities you need. Contact us to know more about our facilities and services.

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