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Serviced Apartments –Perfect Sense for Your Business Stay

Serviced apartments in Bangalore Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in India due to the presence of the IT giants and various other industries. So the daily influx of business travellers into this city is huge. This has given to the rising demand over the years for budget serviced apartments in Bangalore which are sought by business travellers who wish to stay in the city till the completion of their assignments.

Why not a rented place or a hotel stay?

Opting for a rented apartment is a little dicey in the situation where the tenant is a business traveller. First of all most of the rental accommodations nowadays are on a contractual basis where the tenant has to pay a considerable amount before moving in. Since in business travels the end date of assignment is never fixed he may have to return early or prolong his stay. In both the cases, the contract may be a hindrance. Secondly, getting a rented apartment means you need help for all the domestic chores and that may be difficult in a new city.

On the other hand a prolonged hotel stay may be heavy on your pocket. You may also need to shift to different rooms because you will be not sure of the check out dates and the current may have pre – booking.

Serviced apartments in Bangalore- the better solution

The budget serviced apartments in Bangalore comes with its own set of advantages for business travellers. Serviced apartments in Bangalore are basically like studio apartments where you have a living cum bedroom hall, a separate space for kitchen and its appliances and an attached bathroom. These are great for business travellers as they use it like an apartment but along with the services facilities of a hotel. These apartments have housekeeping facilities, DIY laundry, gyms and games and some of them even have a paid snacks bar. The kitchen is fully equipped with the cooking gadgets like ovens, refrigerator, microwave, sink etc. Moreover you are secure with CCTV surveillance and general fire safety measures. Moreover they are cheaper than the hotels or the rental contract which makes it easier on the pocket in case of prolonged stay. These all factors have contributed to the increasing demands of serviced apartments.

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