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3 Reasons why should you choose service apartments than other lodging options

Service Apartments in BangaloreAre you visiting Bangalore for personal or official reasons, and are planning to stay here for more than a few days? You could think of staying in service apartments in Bangalore. There are many benefits in staying in service apartments.

1. Spacious, Luxurious and Plenty of Amenities

Service apartments are spacious with luxurious decors. They have aesthetic interiors with ultra-modern amenities. These serviced apartments offer homely stay and are very convenient and comfortable to stay. Apart from large bedrooms, a service apartment has large bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens with all appliances, high-speed internet connectivity and so on. If you have come to Bangalore for business, you can also use one of the rooms in the apartment as a home office and set up your laptop and work conveniently.

2. Reasonable cost

Compared to hotels, service apartments in Bangalore are reasonable in terms of tariffs. The lesser cost is one of the top reasons why travellers to Bangalore prefer staying in service apartments. You can save more on the tariffs if you are travelling with family or as a large group. Instead of booking multiple rooms in a hotel, you can book one apartment and stay together, saving more money in the process.

 3. Home away from home feeling

The best part of service apartment is that it gives you the home-away-from-home feeling. You can use the fully equipped kitchen to make your cup of tea or coffee just the way you want or cook a simple meal if you are hungry in the middle of the night. It is like staying at home, just that you don’t have to worry about the cleaning up! Unlike impersonal hotel rooms, service apartments in Bangalore are aesthetically designed with gardens, open spaces, and other features, which makes you feel comfortable.

Whether you are travelling to Bangalore for business or pleasure, you can make the most of your stay in this city by choosing to stay in the best hotel apartments in Bangalore – Mels Hotels. Located close to the centre of the city, Mels Hotels is convenient for business travellers. Get full value for your money and enjoy a comfortable stay at Mel’s Hotel. Book a service apartment online on our website.

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