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Serviced Apartments- to feel at-home while relocating

Service Apartments in BangaloreThe dynamic advancements of the commercial world demands the movement of people to places non-native to them for better job opportunities. This implies people moving out of their comfort zones. 2 start Hotels in Bangalore are a good choice of option for a short period of stay. However, for long periods of stay hotel facilities fail to render the at-home feeling and visibly aren’t as cost-efficient either. The idea of service apartments in Bangalore offers the perfect solution for a long term of stay far off from home without missing any of the comforts, in short, feeling very much like home.

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced or simply service apartments are those apartments that are completely furnished with all the hotel-like facilities provided. The cost of stay covers all the utility services availed during the period of stay. The utility services include the electricity usage, cleaning, water and telephone services. However the resident isn’t expected to pay departure and booking charges which is usually charged to pay in 2 star hotels in Bangalore. The serviced apartments house well-stocked kitchens, washers and dryers. The additional services that can be availed in these apartments are house-help, room service and laundry services.

Why choose serviced apartments?

The first and most obviously observable benefit is the benefit of privacy. The living space offered by a service apartment is larger than that offered by a hotel for the same price. Hence guests can move about comfortably when alone or with family accompanying them. Since service apartments in Bangalore normally come with several bedrooms they make an ideal living space for families.

The availability of an in-house kitchen allows you to cook a meal whenever you feel like it or simply to heat up leftovers from a restaurant you recently visited. House-keeping as helpful as it is can be annoying at times. Services apartments do have house-keeping services but are relatively less frequent and come in only when called upon.  Serviced apartments share the similarities of having pools, gymnasiums, conference halls, tennis courts and various other amenities differing from apartment to apartment thus making your stay most enjoyable. The cost of renting a serviced apartment is found to be 30% less than renting a hotel room with the same living space. Serviced apartments hence offer better services at better prices

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