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Service Apartments in Bangalore Offer Affordable Stay for Visitors

Service Apartments in BangaloreReal estate in Bangalore is very expensive, and could make a big hole in your budget if you’re planning to take a house for rent when you are staying there. If you are on a visit to the Garden city for a couple of days, then you can check into a hotel for your stay. But, if you are planning to stay for more than a week or nearly a month or so, then it will be a very costly option to stay in a hotel.  For such a short stay, you will also not be able to get a house for rent as you have to deal with advance payment, maintenance charges and a lot of hidden expenses. Plus, you have to make arrangements for your food. All these put together will be very expensive and way above most budgets. So, what is the solution for medium to long time stay in Bangalore? You can go for service apartments in Bangalore Indiranagar.

These service apartments are located at the heart of the city, which means less travel in the traffic to reach your place of work.  Such apartments are available for short to long term stays. So, when you’ve got official work for more than a week or a training program that is a month long, you don’t have to worry about a good place to stay. There are plenty of service apartments in Bangalore that you can check out.

These service apartments in Bangalore Indiranagar combine the benefit of living at home and the amenities of a hotel. The apartment is fully furnished complete with all the kitchen gadgets and utensils. So, you can cook your food also if you want. Plus, there will usually be a refrigerator in the apartment. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to cook, you can buy takeaways and keep them in the refrigerator. Whether you cook or buy from the local restaurants, you can save more money on your food compared to eating in a hotel. You can check out if the service apartment has air conditioning, if you’re used to sleeping in AC rooms only.

If you are visiting the city for a longer duration, then you can also ask your family to come over during holidays or weekends. The service apartments in Bangalore will be larger than a typical hotel room, which means there is more space for your family. Plus, the kitchen will ensure you get good tasty home cooked food even when you’re away from home!

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