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5 Benefits of Staying in Service Apartments in Bangalore

Service Apartments in BangaloreWhen you take a look at the classifieds in the newspaper or look for apartments online, you see an option that says serviced apartments. Have you ever wondered what they are and whether they are an affordable option when compared to staying in hotels or taking up a house for rent in the city? If you’re staying in the city for a month or so, which is too long for a hotel and too short to take up a house for rent, then service apartments in Bangalore are a good option you can check out.

So, what is a service apartment? It is a completely furnished apartment that is available for long or short term lease. A service apartment combines the good of the home and a hotel to give you a comfortable place to stay.

Listed below are the benefits of staying in hotel apartments in Bangalore:


The best part of staying in service apartments in Bangalore is the price. It is not as costly as taking up room in a 3 or 4 star hotel or even compared to a house. If you book in advance, then you can take advantage of deals and offers to reduce the price even more.


When you’re staying in a hotel, doing laundry is a very difficult task. You will not be able to wash clothes right in your hotel room, and availing the services of the local Laundromat can make a hole in your budget. Generally most hotel apartments in Bangalore have a washer and dryer, which lets you easily wash your clothes, and that too for free!


In a service apartment, you will have a descent kitchen, not something fully stocked and furnished like the one you have at home. But, this functional kitchen will allow you to prepare light meals, snacks or your morning tea. If you plan right, you can reduce your expenses eating outside by preparing simple meals in the kitchen.


When you’re staying in a hotel, you may have to deal with the housekeeping staff not just once a day, but many times. It can be very irritating when you’re working or having some bonding time with your family. You will not have this problem at the service apartment in Bangalore. The housekeeping staff come in a few times a week to clean up the place.


The biggest benefit of staying in service apartments in Bangalore is space. In a hotel room, the space will not be enough, especially if you’re traveling with your whole family. It will also give your family, a feel of staying at home while on a trip.

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